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» Expanding on Transmedia Planning from the fruits of imagination
The most interesting piece of thinking I've seen recently is something Faris over at Naked posted a few weeks ago, and his colleague Ivan presented at the excellent APG Battle of Big Thinking in London (which I thoroughly enjoyed and keep meaning to wr... [Read More]

» Planification transmedia from Provokat
Cet article-déclencheur de Faris est à lire par ceux qui se planifient une campagne qui se exploite plus qu'un media. Essentiellement, l'auteur propose de considérer les média, dont le web, comme autant d'acteurs qui ont un rôle distinct à assume [Read More]

This thought triggering article by Faris is a must read for anyone who is planning a campaign involving different medias. Essentially, the author appraoches the media, web included, as different actors with distinct roles to play. Each media feeds th [Read More]

» Planners Get Hooked on Transmedia from Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog
By: Ilya Vedrashko The concept of transmedia planning, described by MIT/CMS/C3's Henry Jenkins in Convergence Culture, is finding fans among agency planners. In a nutshell, There would be an evolving non-linear brand narrative. Different c... [Read More]

» Talent imitates, genius steals: Transmedia Planning from
Fairs Yakob of Naked gives his thoughts on transmedia planning. [Read More]

» If the ad IS the product... from Fresh Glue
....first the agency must become the client, and the client become the agency. That is, you as a client must embrace, absorb, emulate, integrate your agency in all your operations; that shop can no longer be merely a vendor/appendage bolted [Read More]

» re: Transmedia Planning from [ paul isakson ]
The subject of this post won Russell Davies' Post of the Month for October. (Congrats Faris.) A very deserving win in my opinion. I think this idea is spot on. Especially with the way people are consuming media today and their short attention spans. My... [Read More]

» Incorrect words from brand new
I'm sitting on a panel at the Future Marketing Summit on Monday. This year's theme is integration. And as I thought about things to say, I began to question the very word itself. I think integration is a false concept, [Read More]


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