Advertising Doesn't Work [On Me]
A New [way] Foreword

Sketches From the Reimagination

The nice people at Wolff Olins took Mary Meeker's REIMAGINING Kleiner Perkins deck as an invitation to participation [a lovely concept from Clay Shirky] .

They sketched out some future facing conceps that build on her categories. 

Nice and sketchy.

[The word nice originally mean 'precise' making the above sentence oxymoronic, and also the point of this post.

I think.] 

A while back, thanks to my buddy Mike, I had the privilege of helping out at the Microsoft Research DESIGN EXPO.

It was awesome. I was helping the teams, design schools from all over the world, giving feedback on their projects and packaging and so on. 

You can check out the projects here: MSFT Research Design Expo 2012

One of the other people giving feedback was the legendary designer Bill Buxton

[He is one of the pioneers of human computer interaction and user experience design. He literally wrote the book on sketching user experiences. And he is completely awesome.] 

One of the most crucial pieces of feedback was about fidelity.

Sketches are supposed to be low fidelity.

If they are too Hi-FI, they aren't sketches, and we parse them differently.

As closed, finished things, not exploratory things to consider. 

Sketches are questions, not answers. 

[parenthetical postscript:

I also got to have dinner with Jaron Lanier, author of You are Not A Gadget.

He was also brilliant and super nice. He knows a truly incredible amount about loads of things - just like Bill Buxton - especially about really obscure musical instruments. 

Here's what I wrote about his book a while ago.

I said basically this to him:

'I loved your book although I don't agree with you.

However, I no longer eat cephalopods, so it clearly made an impact on me.'

He seemed satisfied with this and said he has just finised a new book I can not agree with if I want.]