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Culture Caching

Culture_cache_1 coined the term LIFE CACHING for the emerging practice of recording and sharing our own lives using tools like digital cameras and blogs.

At a macro level the Internet is facilitating a collective form of this behaviour - CULTURE CACHING.

Accelerated by Youtube, there is a growing record of our culture, stretching back into the analogue past, as people dig out footage and share it with the connected.

You can now see classic fronds of culture like this  80's Cadbury Flake Ad or Radiohead's Just video at the click of a link.

The Internet Archive Project is the serious face of this trend - a conscious attempt to build a "a digital library of Internet   sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form" to record each iteration of the web as it emerges.

But, more importantly,  lost masterpieces like Bill Hicks' Ninja Batchelor Party are finally available to a mass audience.