Is this Urban Spam?

Media for Babies


Microsoft and Sony have been harping on about the connected household forever but it will finally begin to emerge in the next few years.

Whether or not it's Windows Media Centre, the model where all the content [recorded TV shows, movies, music, pictures], is available in every room, will become dominant - changing the way we consume television content in particular.

Think about how much TV consumption changed when we went from one family TV to TVs in your bedroom. The empowerment of youth began with their own TVs, as did the breakdown of  family viewing.

So TVs in your room led to the rise of Janet Street-Porter and, ironically, to the idea of joint viewing occasions as previously all viewing would have been joint.

And if this snap of an integrated media terminal embedded in the wall,  from consumer electronics fair CeBit [running this week in Sydney],  is any indication the next generation will be media meshing before they are out of nappies.