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Real Time TV


Accenture have developed a prototype of what they call a "Real-Time  Television  Content Platform" - essentially a set top box that allows the broadcast stream to be altered dynamically as you watch.

By triggering the interactive mode you could engage with ads and programming in real time, for example changing the colour of the car in the ad as in the picture above.

The next time you see that ad, you would see it in your chosen colours.

Watch the video here.

This seems to be a hybrid that allows for narrowcasting within the existing broadcast model -  the personalisation happens at the set top box.

They say it brings the best of the web to television - personally I don't think that distinction will make sense when all television is broadcast over IP. Come fiber optics and gigabit bandwidth, will anyone choose to watch what is pumped out, rather than choosing the content they want to see?

But in the meantime, this seems like an interesting way to make broadcast content relevant to individual viewers.