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I have to write an essay on People and Brands. It's about how people behave, interact with brands and a bit about methods for researching that.

I have a trilemma - I can't decide which of the following three topics to tackle.

  1. Individual vs Group - after Mark Earls' landmark paper Advertising to the Herd - the idea that people act primarily as groups rather than individuals. Love the idea, not sure that purchase decisions are all products of the hive mind though.
  2. Low Involvement Processing vs Engagement - how do people really interact with brands and what's more effective: implicit or explicit cognition? Really interesting: how  brands should behave depends which of these you believe but both are very persuasive.
  3. Neuroscience vs  Ethnography - science or stalking for better communication o - I like the fact that these gets round asking people what their motivations are - I don't think people know or can accurately articulate what drives them - but I questions whether we know enough about the brain's modularity and whether people act normally when being observed.

So what seems like the most interesting area? All comments will be greatfully received and probably quoted in my essay.