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The new Sony Bravia ad has been carefully nurtured and seeded to generate intense word of mouse before launch.

Getting Jonathan Glazer to direct, using a record number of explosives, slowly revealing the location in the press, releasing teaser photos of the set:  it has all been carefully executed to generate excitement online.

And boy has it worked.

Check out 'amateur' footage of the shoot here. [Strange that the rest of the site is empty...]

And pictures here.

With a careful strategy, an exciting ad can still make the news.

But perhaps the more interesting point is that if you can get bloggers excited about something, seeding is easy. Get something listed on Boing Boing or a.n. other high profile blog, and watch it spread throughout the blogoverse.

This is a post about posting about a post about posting about a...see the power of metablogging!

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UPDATE: This interview on IF with David Patton from Sony details the strategy to engage the online community in an open and transparent conversation with the brand.

Via Marktd.