Coded Communication

Creative Tenacity


I saw Adam Morgan, champion of challenger brands, author Eating the Big Fish and The Pirate Inside give a talk last night. It was very good - a case study in how to use illustrative annecdotes to communicate your points - but there was one bit I particulary latched on to: a concept he called Creative Tenacity.

This interested me for two reasons.

  1. It means finding a better way of getting through - to someone, to an organisation - if someone doesn't get your point, find a better way of communicating it. If someone slams the door in your face, don't keep banging on it - find the window.
  2. The first few times he said it, I thought he meant having the tenacity to push through good creative ideas, which isn't what he meant - creative tenacity is a noun phrase in this context [be creative about your tenaciousness] - but because I work in the communications industry my brain parsed it incorrectly - creative has a slightly different, and in fact, narrower meaning for me than it used to have.

The first thing I thought was great. Reminds you not to get frustrated when  a client / anyone doesn't  get you straight away. He used a great example - sadly I forget who it was attributed to - of someone saying:

When I hear no, I take it as request for more information.

The second thing was frankly a little worrying but an important reminder of how much what you do channels how you think.

PS. This is the joke I told him:

Why are pirates so brilliant?

They just aaaarrrrrrrrr!