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The Perfect Brief

I'm trying to construct the perfect communication brief.

I remember reading somewhere that MT Rainey built an IDEA brief template - the requirement not being for a creative or communication solution but for a BIG IDEA.

Not sure exactly what a BIG IDEA is but I  know that I sometimes find myself frustrated with the briefs I receive - too long or too short, too much detail or not enough - so I thought I must have an idea, a Platonic ideal if you will, of what the perfect brief is.

So I've been trying to construct it. It's harder than I thought. I'm trying to make it really simple:

What's this all about?
Why are we doing it?
Who do we want to communicate with?
What do we want them to do?

And all the standard, practical stuff. The problem is that it's not very inspiring - and I think that this is the point.

Having lots of information is great and necessary. But I think what I've been looking for are briefs to make me smile and whir and flash and bang and crackle and pop. Briefs that are inspirational. Briefs that communicate something about the task beyond the information.

So I'm trying to express things in different ways and make it look different - not just boxes on a page.

So far I've got coloured boxes on a page.

Any better ideas?