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Aristotle, Blogs and Brands

Blogs have been all over the mainstream media again thanks to the 'outing' of anonymous blogger turned analogue author girl with a one track mind.

The vitriol with which she has been hounded and abused is disturbing and, as the Guardian has rightly pointed out, seems to suggest that feminism in the UK has regressed in the last decade, thanks to Bridget Jones and her ilk.

I'll leave that aside for now. It makes me angry. However, I agree with Corporate Blawg that this seems to be a case of argumentum ad hominem - the logical fallacy of attacking the author of an argument rather than the argument itself.

The increasingly dynamic interplay of user generated and mainstream media [I've seen it shortened to MSM] is more pertinent to the blog in hand. Lotus pointed me in the direction of this nice model of the emerging media ecosystem. All that Cluetrain talk of markets being conversations is quite literally becoming true. If you broadcast anything, someone somewhere will be responding, challenging your claims and keep a watchful eye of what you are up to, to ensure that what you promise is what you deliver and that you 'fess up if it's not.

But we need to be careful that we don't commit an ad hominem fallacy - attacking the brands themselves with stock complaints instead of rigourously examining what they are saying now.

Fortunately, the ASA is there to ensure that Kellogg's can't just claim to make you 9% more alert.