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Merry Christmas

Ok so I realise the fact that 'Christmas gets earlier every year' is a trite observation that triggers a flurry of mainstream editorial every year, bemoaning the appropriation of this sacred holiday by consumerism.

[Aside: Personally, I think the act of gift giving is a secular reminder to be nice to people that has managed to outgrow the religious connotations of the pagan festival that early Christians themselves hijacked, evidenced by the fact that many Jews and Muslims I know celebrate the secular gift part of Chrsitmas and any festival that can brings faiths together is probably a good thing considering the current climate, but that's beside the point.] 

[Aside 2: I realise that the Jewish festival of Channuka has a gift element and is very close to Christmas. Still counts: this element is believed to have come into existence only because of Christmas. Everyone likes presents and no one wants to feel left out.]

I got the above email yesterday. It is promoting a Panto Early Bird Offer. [Note for non-UK readers: Pantomime in the UK is a form of comic theatre that happens around Christmas - not to be confused with the silent theatre form abbreviated to mime.]

It begins:

The time has come to make it clear
That panto time is ever near

No it hasn't because, no, it's not. It's the middle of August.

We've been having a cold week and I really didn't need anyone to remind me that we are soon to begin the descent into the British winter in all its terrible cruelty.

I now live in constant apprehension of the Christmas communication beginning in earnest.

My bet's on Woolworths - I'm sure they were on TV in September last year.