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In the comments to the last post Asi has correctly pointed out that my neologistic choice for this new model of communication planning is flawed - Zero Sum is actually the opposite of what I mean, and the situation I'm describing is actually a win win scenario [also from game theory].

As much as I like the sound of Zero Sum Comms, it sadly doesn't make sense.

Nuts. I'm a doofus. I'm glad I had to realise this in a public forum.

So I guess the new model should be called Win Win Communications, but I'm loathe to call it that because a] win win as a term was co-opted by the business / marketing community a while back and b] I didn't come up with it and I'll have to license it from Asi.

So, in the spirit of open source blog style collaboration - what shall we call this mutually beneficial communication model, where value is created for both brand and consumer?

If I get enough good suggestions I'll put it to a vote.