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My mate Ben and I have an article in this month's Media Magazine in the USA.

It's about 'Advertools':

An advertool is a communication channel, created by a brand, which offers in itself a functional utility to consumers.

The idea grew out of two of my ongoing obsessions: to get brands to deliver value as well as messaging and my desire to invent new words.

By providing a specific functionality that consumers find valuable, brands can communicate a set of values or messages to consumers that use it - there is a balanced value exchange.

We highlight a few examples in the piece that we like, such as the Verizon Beatbox Mixer and Yutaka Loves London, the interactive guide from Virgin Atlantic.

Can anyone think of any others?

PS. You can download a pdf of the article here:  Download Advertools.pdf. If you want.

PPS. I'm the one with the beard. I have a different beard now though.

UPDATE: Adage have an article in the current issue that echoes this need for brands to deliver value - they call the concept 'branded utility'. Via Big Picture and Chroma.