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Right then, let's clear this up. The C'MONs are not a concept band made of sock puppets a la Gorillaz. Although who knows, maybe they will be one day.

The band has been seeded throughout the summer across Europe (not that I've seen any of it) and today were casually mentioned in the Popbitch email (Sidenote: Neil and Camilla still do great work - even though Holy Moly has come up behind them).

The link takes you through to The C', where there is an impressive content package, albeit in heavy flash - music tracks, back story, t-shirts from Spreadshirt, the works.

All very mysterious and that.

A couple of googles later and all becomes clear. It seems the tease and reveal stages of the campaign have not been aligned across regions. The C' has a big Opel Corsa on it.

I guess Opel / Vauxhaul should be credited with trying to leverage their European Music Awards sponsorship in an interesting way. For some reason though, the whole thing left me a little flat.

More details of the campaign here, where the press release explains that the newly positioned Corsa is hoping to engage with trendy, urban 20-30 year olds, for whom 'credibility and authenticity are key factors' and that the 5 puppets each represent 'various psychographic profiles of today's twentysomethings'.

I'm sorry, what?