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Asi pointed me in the direction of this new project from HSBC that he's been working on - it's a pertinent adjunct to the discussion about communication that delivers value in the last few posts.

The Property Panel website is a resource to help first time house buyer navigate the process. There's a monthly webcast with a panel of experts, that users can submit questions to and then guide areas for discussion, and supporting information, tips and step by step guides.

Having considered buying  and genuinely been put off by what seems like a hideous amount of rigmarole [and the sheer time commitment required to find somewhere decent in London without unlimited funds], this seems to me to be an excellent way for HSBC to promote and demonstrate its expertise in mortgages whilst leveraging its resources to provide value and assistance to house hunters.

It seems online is a natural space for win-win branded utility style communication - people rely on the web to provide information and, increasingly, services whilst advertising is actively avoided and blocked - so brands that can provide something earn the consumers attention.