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The Internet is for Porn


Avenue Q is currently running at the Noel Coward theatre in London.

It's absolutely brilliant.

Heavily inspired by Sesame Street, it's a musical for/about twenty/thirty somethings, weaving together puppets, people and inspirational animations. The characters are all trying to negotiate being adults that, having had the world promised to them as children, come to realise that there are bills to pay and that "Everyone's a little bit racist".

Appropriately enough, as perhaps the first musical of remix culture it has inspired its own remixes: one of its big numbers, The Internet is for Porn, has nearly 300 different versions on Youtube.

Perfectly targeted at the generation that learnt about the world with the muppets, "it's just like your life - only funnier."    

Oh and Gary Coleman is the handyman.

Head down to Avenue Q.