Family Music and the Burden of Choice

Viral Value


I like this.

I've been sent it a few times and I'm pretty sure I'll get it again. So that's viral then.

But why is it viral?

Because it's giving everyone something - 40% off wine seems like a good reason to send this to friends, or put it here:  Download threshers_coupon.pdf

So Threshers get their name all over the internet and drive traffic instore during a key sales period [when shoppers increasingly turn to supermarkets to buy their booze], with no media cost, indeed with no promotion at all except the value the communication is delivering, and the social value of sharing it.

Hugh has posted it over on Gaping Void, and if any blogger knows what's happening with the wine world it's him, so I'm confident that it's real.

He's also linked to a handy Threshers store locator.  Thanks Hugh!

UPDATE: This has been picked up by the BBC - apparently Threshers are "slightly concerned about the popularity of the offer".  According to some guy this is an example of viral marketing.