On the 12th day of Christmas

The man behind the blog


Asi, Doug and Dino have tagged me,  so I had better step up.  I'm it.

Blog tag is a bit different to normal tag - it means I have to share 5 personal things about me and then pass it on to 5 other bloggers.

As Asi said, cute in a geeky kind of way.

So here are five things you don't need to know about me.

  1. I was an altar boy. I refused to get confirmed though as even at the age of 13 I could understand the value of prophylaxis. And no, the priest never touched me.
  2. I love jungle. I may be one of the few left that does, but it still rocks my world. Syncopation is the only way to fly. If you've not heard any broken beat madness for a while go here and listen to tarantula. Maybe I'll convert a few of you.
  3. I like looking stupid. I'm with Adam Ant on this: ridicule is nothing to be scared of. See above for incontrovertible proof.
  4. I like to sport a moustache. It's funny. See number 3 and above. Although I don't have one at the moment.
  5. I love to juggle. It's probably the damn hippy in me but there you go. Or maybe it's because it rhymes with jungle. I really like juggling to jungle.

Right then. I now nominate the following - no obligation to play of course but it's more fun when you do...I'm going to address the male / female imbalance so I have exactly 2.5 girls here [Diablogue has Sean and Michelle - not that Michelle is a half a girl - you get what I mean]:

Northern Planner