The Paradox of Planning



At the Webbys Night last night there was some good chat to be had and some great people to see talking.

I was really pleased to see the Rather Good Joel Veitch talking about the democratisation of creativity facilitated by the intermenet. He also unveiled his latest kitten cartoon - he's done a version of the 12 days of Christmas for Tommy's baby charity featuring The Hoff and innumerable other cultural luminaries - go check it out and pass it on: it's funny and you'll be a better person.

[If you've never seen one of the kitten cartoons go here immediately.]

Reg from the mega blog We-Make-Money-Not-Art was also there talking about New Media Artists - people who take technology, throw away the rule book and use it for something it was never intended to do, often to comment on the culture that created it. Like the Tripwire - a mobile phone enabled surveillance coconut that automatically calls to complain about noise'd best go have a look.