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A few years ago, feeing a bit flush and wishing to bolster my 'cool credentials' [Sidenote: have you ever had a client / brief use that expression? Cool credentials. We need to bolster our cool credentials. You know, with the kids and that. Makes me shudder. Can you imagine the exam you'd need to pass to get your cool credentials? Name an obscure Japanese trainer company...Which of the following bands are not considered neo-rave...What do you think of anything enjoyed by more than 9 people? {Clue - it sucks}] I bought an unsigned Banksy print.

It's called Weston-Super-Mare and it's quite long, slightly menacing and  usually lives on living room wall [at the moment it's on the floor - there was a party]. I've been very happy with it. It cost me more to frame it than the print itself cost and I never considered it any kind of investment.

Last week, my mate discovered said print, unsigned, on ebay going for £1000.

The whole Banksy thing has got way out of control.

Now, I'm not going to be selling my print - I like it [and to be honest I've probably lost the certificate thing anyway] - but it has left me with the urge to buy more inexpensive art and see what happens. Like a new wave Charles Saatchi, only using beer money not the proceeds from selling my agency.

All of which is a very long winded way of saying I've just bought a picture - see above - do you like it?

It was painted by a friend of a friend - he's called RichT - you can see more of his work here.

If you want one of your own you can email him here: [email protected] 

I'm not saying it will be worth a grand or anything. But I think it's great.

I love the little guys in his head.