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Porn is cool


I realise I'm risking some odd search traffic with the title of this post, but it's true - porn is cool. And I don't just mean the term, which is undoubtedly the modifier du jour: food porn, garden porntime porngadget porn, debt porn etc etc.

[I imagine there are now going to be a lot of confused and disappointed teenagers landing on this site now.]

The cues of porn, having been surreptiously normalised by the democratic reach of the internet, have been liberally sprinkled into communications to give things a knowing, salacious edge.

American Apparel are famous for their poorly lit amateur porn advertising, some of which features genuine porn stars. Lee Jeans ripped this off in Australia. Cripin Porter [I wonder if Alex Bogusky ever gets annoyed that his name always gets dropped off] knocked up some banners for a young creatives competition on the theme 'Barely Legal' and put together Pink Panty Poker for Victoria's Secret [brilliantly their site explains the campaign was aimed at 18-25 girls but appealed to a 'wide audience of men as well'.]

The latest brand to attempt to subvert the tropes of online porn is Diesel, who today have had their homepage taken over by two young ladies called Heidi. They've kidnapped a young man, handcuffed him to a bed and are now looking for suggestions as to what they should do to him, in the style of various pay per view webcam sites. Apparently.

Watch the story unfold, never realising you are being sold Diesel's new range of underwear, here.