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I am a Passenger


Nokia have launched their multimedia car kit, the emotively named CK-20W [what is it with technology companies and serial numbers? Throw me a brand here!], with an interactive film / game  called The Passenger.

Rather than talking about the product specs the game demonstrates what it actually does and gets you to sample the experience.

Fusing live video and interactivity makes for a heavy app - this is definitely a broadband experience [does anyone actually still use dial-up? Just had a weird nostalgia flash for a modem connection song] - but it looks great and brings the product to life in a suitably digital way.

Microsoft are building this sort of functionality into the new Windows Live Local, part of Virtual Earth, to give you a streetside view to aid navigation - it's not there yet but will be a step forward in their pursuit of Google in the local race.

Although it remains to be seen if they will open the API and thus allow the mash ups that have driven Google Earth / Maps. Imagine patching your own content into the streets. Can Microsoft learn to let go?