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Plannersphere Social Network


In my ongoing quest to get people to hang out more and that, I've set up a Ning for the Plannersphere - a social network thing for planners and plannery types. And anyone else who wants to hang out with us.

I have to confess that part of the motivation is the fact that I got to take the url

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or necessary but I thought it might work as a social analogue of the plannersphere wiki and that it might provide people who don't want to blog an easy, relevant online footprint in the Plannersphere.

I guess we'll see. If it takes off I might do fun things like announce BeerSphere on there and stuff. Maybe we can have one at Interesting 07

Russell - can we get a beer sponsor?

Next regular BeerSphere will probably be in the first week of April.