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Goodbye Blue Monday

FREE BEER (Sphere)

[Original image by Egan Snow]

BeerSphere is back, much sooner than anticipated, due to the fates conspiring in favour of it.

In this case, the fates have made themselves manifest in the form of the Wildfire Conference and the lovely people from Anomaly NYC.

The Wildfire Conference, brought to you by the fantastic Contagious Magazine and Leo Burnett, looks great and is on next week, on the 24th and 25th of April, at the Truman Brewery. If you can get a ticket I would heartily recommend going.

But if you can't, why not come to BeerSphere on the Monday night before it kicks off - 23rd April - and meet some of the speakers over a pint or two?

Not only has the radiant Jess at Contagious invited all the conference speakers to join us at this very special BeerSphere, but the lads from Anomaly have kindly offered to pay for the drinks! And maybe even some crisps. Solely for the opportunity to meet some of the London PlannerSphere. I hope you all feel special.

Thanks in advance to Johnny and Carl from Anomaly for supporting the PlannerSphere's desire to get drunk in excellent company.

As usual, BeerSphere will be held at the Commercial Tavern, on Commercial St, E1, from 6.30pm ish. Unusually, we'll have international guests in attendance and free drinks. And if the sun is shining too, well, what more could you ask for?

I've reserved the big table upstairs - see you there.

BeerSphere: The Wildfire Special
6.30pm 23rd April
Upstairs at the Commercial Tavern, Commercial St. E1