Low Impact Ethics

Meta Advertising


Age old question asked of the industry: "If advertising works, why don't ad agencies advertise?"

Well, they used to. And it looks like they are starting to again.

Strawberry Frog caused a bit of a stir a couple of weeks back when Scott anounced on his blog that they would be running a campaign for themselves.

Adweek picked it up this week, talking about how agencies promote themselves, riffing around the question above.

As they point out, blogging is another way for an agency to promote itself and its thinking. A number of excellent blogs have given agencies a global voice - Leo Burnett TorontoW&K London and Fallon spring to mind, more recently joined by the HouseofNaked  - an aggregation of voices from Naked NYC,

[Disclaimer: I'm sure everyone knows this but all views on TIGS are my personal views blah blah blah - I claim all responsibility for any offence, intended or otherwise, from now until the end of the Internet. Amen.]

and Strawberry Frog NYC.

Obviously I'm slightly biased when extolling the virtues of blogging and that but it is a fantastic way for an agency to raise its profile, whilst giving a flavour of the culture and the ideals that drive it,  to prospective clients, as well as getting involved in the global conversations with other practitioners and forming big happy global families.

But another way to market your creative skills is to apply them to a specific task. Something Karmarama have taken on with these lovely roadside safety warnings for naughty cyclists.

For some reason, using interweb humour at the exact point of transgression to appeal to those of us on bikes who sometimes jump red lights seems to make sense.

Well, it did to me this morning anyway.

From Karmarama:

It’s addressed to all those rogue cyclists giving us proper cyclists a bad name and giving laughing Ken Livingstone an excuse to enforce license plates for bikes and fines for leaving the house.

But it's not bad meta advertising either.

UPDATE: All the signs on my route to work this morning had vanished.