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Gareth and Charles have suggested via a blog link meme that TIGS makes them think, which is groovy of them.

So now I have to nominate five other blogs that make me think. But the meme doesn't stipulate what they should make you think about so, whilst there are tons of fantastic planning blogs out there, let's see if we can't push things a litte bit further...

Let's start close to home with Planning for Fun.

Then move slightly out, into South America, with Everything Communicates.

Then move laterally, to the very useful pen portraits of Ruby Pseudo Wants a Word.

Then jump all the way out of the park into The Virginity Project.

And finally land in the genuinely salacious, with Sleeping Around, that inspires entirely different kinds of thoughts.


And, as my taggers cheated on numbers, I'm going to as well. I'm a strong believer in William Gibson's now famous aphorism:

"The future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed."

The digital generation can show us the way things are going to be for everyone in the future. So thoughts like those on Digital Rain are worth thinking about.