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Seeing and hearing yourself without the complex cognitive filters you have in place that make up your entirely distorted self image is never very pleasant. It's the shock of recognition, of seeing your face the right way round, of hearing your voice they way other people do, and thinking: Oh dear, that's me.

So when Iain let me know that the video interviews we did when we were over in Romania, speaking at the Idea Forum, had gone live, I experienced a slight shudder.

But fortunately the nice people from IQ Ads have edited my vacuous ramblings into something that gives the illusion of sense, and made the video overall much more interesting by focusing on what Iain said.

Iain + Me = 2.0, maths that really can't be disputed.

Iain, we should start Geeky Gay Love Sitcom, - we can do it like Where are the Joneses - who wants to write the first episode? It would be like a cross between My Two Dads and Gay Robot. That would be awesome.