Lubricants of Reason

A Midsummer Night's BeerSphere with (some) free beer


Oh it's getting hot in here
Must be something in the atmosphere
Oh I could be laughing about it
Making the most of the true British climate

[Athlete - You got the style]

Although the summer has failed to materialise, leading to the re-emergence of the myth of the Indian summer we use to comfort ourselves, I still think it's time for a Midsummer Night's BeerSphere.

In the hope that the middle of August has a glimmer of sunshine, I propose being at The Eagle on Wednesday August 15th from 7pm. It's a great pub with a beer garden, about 2 mins north of Old Street roundabout, and was mentioned in the nursery rhyme Pop Goes the Weasel:

'Up and down the City Road, In and out the Eagle, That's the way the money goes. Pop! goes the weasel'

7pm Wednesday, August 15th
The Eagle
2 Shepherdess Walk
N1 7LB

My beneficent employer Naked Communications has kindly agreed to put some cash up for the first few rounds of beer, because they're nice. On behalf of the sphere, I thank you.

Come one, come all. I'll be in the beer garden if it's warm.

I'll whack this on the Beersphere Facebook group, once Facebook starts working again.