When I Was Young We Made Our Own Fun or B2B Viral Marketing and a Girl Named SpiderPig
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SpiderPig - The Movie

My wonderfully talented mate Sarah just sent me this trailer she made for SpiderPig - The Movie in response to the previous post.  It's just brilliant. Thank you.

She's also written a great post about the power of polarisation in mash-ups and how it might correspond and contribute to a world less divided:

It’s not exactly rocket science. Getting people together is the first step in breaking down barriers and prejudices. And the beauty of the music mash-up is that the more diverse and polarised the collaborations are, the better they tend to work. It is a medium set up to bring the polarised together.

Read the rest here.

The more diverse the elements being remixed, the more satisfying the result. It's the tension in the juxtaposition that makes the mash-up, which is obvious [now it's been pointed out to me - the mark of a great insight].

Nature knows this - it's why you shouldn't procreate with your cousins - and poets and artists and musicians  picked up on it too.

As did De Bono, using random juxtapositions to stimulate creativity.

There's something in our heads that loves connecting disparate things - what are metaphors but remixed ideas?