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The 300 Page Phone Bill

This young lady eloquently demonstrates the absurd waste of direct mail billing, having received a 300 page bill from AT&T.

I have a dangerously teetering stack of unopened phone bills, bank statements, utility bills, charity mailings and unrequested catalogues sent to me [and a number of previous tenants] sitting in my living room that testify to the wastage on this side of the pond [albeit on a much smaller scale, individually. Americans just like things to be bigger.]

I'm pretty sure I signed up for ebilling / estatements / look seriously just email me please don't send me any more of these pointless pieces of paper that I worry about throwing away in case I need them at some point although I never have before I only really use the post to get stuff I've ordered off the internet anyway so unless I've ordered something I may not even look in the post box for weeks at a time and while we're at it what is a cheque can't you please paypal me / but it doesn't seem to make much difference.

Lots of service providers do now offer paperless billing - I can't wait until it's the standard. And until they stop sending bills to the previous tenants.

[Viddler seems interesting  - hadn't seen it before - you can add timed tag comments on to the videos.]