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A while back I was sitting on a panel, alongside the lovely Beeker, at the PSFK Conference in London.

Whilst I may have rambled on aimlessly, indulging my love of semantic arguments - [see above - I tell a couple of gags towards the end, promise] - the day itself was fantastic.

Not only were there loads of great speakers, but more than that it was the first conference I have ever been to where everyone was hanging out, and you know how much I like hanging out. I got to meet a bunch of bloggers  I've encountered in the Sphere and loads of generally nice people.

PSFK LA is on in a month or so, so I imagine it will be very similar, only with much better weather. They've cued up some great and diverse speakers, including Missy from the Suicide Girls and the creator of The Blair Witch project [So L.A. baby] and George will be there to deflate any pomposity.

As a reader of TIGS, you can get a 50% discount on tickets here.

Just tell them I sent you. 

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