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Snap Shot City


My mate Anne and her global network of enthusiastic friends is putting on what looks to be an awesome event on the 29th September, wherever you are in the world.

Snap Shot City is a photographic treasure hunt / globally synchronised party.

It’s a game, it’s a party, it’s an experiment in community engagement. And best of all, it’s open to absolutely anyone with a digital camera and access to the Internet. On September 29, teams all round the world will hit the streets and photograph the cities they live in. Each team creatively interpreting 20 themes to capture Snap Shots of their city.

Players in more than 30 cities played last year and this year Snap Shot City is part of Come Out and Play, the urban games festival that grew out of PacManhattan, that's being held in Amsterdam in September.

Watch how much fun they had last year here and then go and sign up.

I hope I can get my camera fixed by then.