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Sony Play-Doh Ad in Full

Anti Ad

This is too meta. It's an ad for Sky Movies, inspired by / featuring the billboard ban in Brazil, celebrating the uninterrupted viewing experience they offer because they don't have ads during the movies.

With the excellent use of the haunting Imagination from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I think it works, despite being ever so slightly oxymoronic.

Then again, the fact the advertisers are acknowledging that people don't like being interrupted by advertising is a good thing. But then the greats have always thought that way:

It is so strange that billboards exist at all that the current controversy about whether outdoor advertising should be allowed along federal highways achieves the unreality of a debate on whether witch burning should be permitted in critical fire areas.

Apparently no one has thought to wonder just what in the hell billboards are doing anywhere.

From legendary ad man Howard Gossage's essay on billboards - the residents of São Paulo clearly did wonder just that.

[Via Behamin]