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Futures of Entertainment


I've been invited over to MIT to speak at the Futures of Entertainment conference, which is really very exciting indeed.

Spun out of the Comparative Media Studies program and Convergence Culture, FOE brings together academia and industry to discuss the emerging media landscape.

This year they have also put a panel together about the implications for the communication industry, that I'll be attempting to make a useful contribution to:

Migratory audiences and declining channel loyalty are seen as two key challenges convergence culture poses to the advertising industry. At the same time, campaigns that respond by capitalizing on the creativity of audiences prompt questions about the continuing role for creatives. This panel looks at the unfolding role for advertisers within convergence culture, looking at questions about the nature of agencies, transmedia planning and the increasing circulation of advertising as entertainment content.

Registrations have just gone live and space is limited so head on over if you're interested and hopefully I'll see you there.

For those of you who can't make, I'll try to scribble a few notes, although it will probably be captured and cast  - last year's discussions can be seen here.