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PowerPoint Art


[Copyright David Byrne - used without permission because it's cool]

PowerPoint is a medium - a vector for ideas - and as such it can be appropriated for aesthetic endeavours. In fact if you're a plannery type you have probably spent innumerable hours making beautiful slides because you know that how you say something can be as important as what you say.

But until I saw this from David Byrne it hadn't occurred to me that anyone would actually use it to make art.

I began to see PowerPoint as a metaprogram, one that organizes and presents stuff created in other applications. Initially, I made presentations about presentations; they were almost completely without content.The content, I learned, was in the medium itself.
[From a Wired piece years ago]

The medium is the message and that.

I'm hoping this will inspire me to make more beautiful slides, and not presentations about presentations.

Although if pop stars are making slides, perhaps we should try our hands at songwriting.

[via experiencefreak]