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South African Wisdom


I was down in South Africa last week, speaking at a conference called Brands in the Digital World. It was great fun and I got to ride an elephant [not at the conference].

I met some really interesting people down there.

Mike spoke passionately about blogging.

Patrick pulled out some really interesting thoughts about virtual worlds.

Allan - who is creative head at Saatchi's AtPlay interactive division [anyone know if it exists anywhere else? Seems really cool - proper creative technologists - although I can't find their website] - spoke about how to get people involved and what viral really is.

And Eric tried to explain the dark arts of search.

It made me realise how Americentric [there must be a better way to say that but I can't work out what it is] the English speaking blogosphere is.

South Africa even has its own version of technorati, Afrigator, to help redress the balance.

I wonder what will happen when the English is no longer the primary language online and the world refocuses on Asia.

Can't be long now. [Thanks to Jess for the head's up]

Actually, the above link is much more important than a footnote. Once virtual worlds stop being game environments and become feasible ways to manipulate data, transact and deliver telepresence for businesses, it will change everything.