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Green is Normal



My mate Fleur put me on to this awesome new shop called Unpackaged that opened yesterday.

I went down to have a look and met the lovely and charming Catherine and Annabel who set it up.

The idea is wonderfully simple: no packaging.

We believe that most packaging is unnecessary so we’re doing something about it.

The result is Unpackaged- the new way for you to shop safe in the knowledge that you’ve not created any waste that’s going to end up in a landfill.

We want you to bring your own containers for us to fill up with your favourite things and we’ll make it cheaper if you do. We know that it isn’t always easy to remember so we can also offer reusable containers that you can bring back next time.

Choose from our range of organic wholefoods (e.g. rice, cereals & grains) and eco-cleaners, where everything is as good for you as it is for the environment!

They even provide a service called Plastic Surgery - you can take your old plastic bags to them and they will recycle them.

Just a fantastic idea and the shop is too cute - it's just up from Exmouth Market in London so go and have a look if you're local.

If you go down tonight between 5 and 9pm they'll even give you a free glass of wine.