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I feel like I should have known about this before, but I don't think I did.

P&G's Connect + Develop programme [interesting that they didn't use the ampersand for C+D...or perhaps it's not], is an open invitation to take ideas into P&G, a bit like Dell's Ideastorm but the P&G scope is a bit wider - they are looking for innovation around any area of their business:

Packaging, design, marketing models, research methods, engineering, technology, etc. — that would improve our products and services and the lives of the world's consumers.

The future is open and I'm often impressed by how P&G embrace new thinking. They are looking to collaborate, buying into the idea that noboody is smarter than everybody, and they have a number of briefs on the site that they are looking for help with.

As they point out, P&G make a formidable partner.