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Branding Consumer Apathy


My mate Anne put me on to this soft drink that was launched in Singapore last year.

It's genius.

A "leading golf media" company took the "tough decision" to start making beverages when its managing director had one of those flashes of inspiration that change your life forever:

The concept was developed through the experience my friends and I kept having whenever we were out at a gathering, a coffee shop, or even at home. People kept telling us that they just wanted 'Anything' or 'Whatever' whenever we asked them what they wanted to drink.

My friends and I discussed this and found the concept really interesting. So with the support of my friends, I decided that 'anything' and 'whatever' would be a great idea for a unique Singapore beverage.

And so two new drinks were born. Each variety comes in 6 different flavours but you don't know which one you're getting until you taste it.

According to their website they sold 3.5 million cans in the first month.

It's just wonderful that a brand now exists for people who don't want to make a brand decision.

The counter intuitive insight - that people hate [too much] choice because it makes them makes decisions - lies at the heart of how brands operate: they function like cognitive heuristics - they allow us to not make hundreds of annoying decisions every time we go shopping by tapping into our basic association that anything known is familiar and therefore trusted.

But branding consumer apathy itself is legendary.