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Lynx Got Game


The idea of using cameras as game devices has been around for a while now but as penetration of capture devices reaches 100+ % [do you carry a digital camera and a cameraphone? I seem to] we're inevitably going to see more and more applications for them - something that was neatly evinced this morning by two emails I got back to back.

One was about this new spot [from The Glue Society [who are awesome]] for the Lumix Battle - a new campaign running in Thailand the pits teams of players against each other in photo fights. [More]

And the other concerned rumours of one of the first games being developed for Google's new mobile platform Android: WiFi Army - where players hunt each other across the urban landscape looking to snag sneaky pics on their camera phone, which are then uploaded and checked against a database of players for points. [More]

There are going to be loads more - cameras phones are the first devices to easily enable a visually augmented reality.