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Lynx Got Game


Over the holidays I read this book called The Game by Neil Strauss. I'd heard a lot about it but avoided it because of the inherent lameness of reading a book about how to pick up women, which is what it is.

Sort of.

Strauss relates the extraordinary story of how he entered the shady subculture of the pickup artist [PUA] - a bunch of [usually] self acknowledged geeks who had conquered their fears of talking to girls by learning routines by rote and then honed those patterns, sharing knowledge about which psychological plays were most effective, until they felt able to walk into any nightclub and go home accompanied.

Strauss transforms himself into Style and ends up living with Courtney Love, sleeping with innumerable women on the way to..well.. I won't ruin it for you.

It's a remarkably entertaining book, full of truly larger than life characters and exploits and it is a TRUE STORY, as he's keen to stress.

It was perhaps inevitable that Lynx would eventually take on the challenge of spreading The Game to the sweaty teenage masses. The new website is rich and deep, full of routines and tips and challenges to help hone your game, content and widgets and mobile apps and so on - as we've come to expect from BBH's Lynx campaigns.

The Game relies on props, routines, gimmicks, to disarm women's natural skepticism of random men that approach them. The site has similar tricks and routines to learn and then try for yourself - the results can be shared with this burgeoning PUA community.

Ultimately, these mechanics give shy wannabe players the confidence to approach women, which is also the product truth underlying the Lynx Effect.

Get in there.