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I've been double-memed - both of which want me to expose myself.

Embarrassing as this virtual flashing may be, I feel like I should do it because, well, I've been tagged by mates and, you know, you do what your friends ask.

["If your friends jump off a cliff, would you?" "Well, no - but if they asked me to I'd have to think about it...."]

So I'll tackle the first one first - it's a 4x4 meme [do you see what I did there with the title of this post? I should be a copywriter.]

So here are four answers to four questions about stuff I've done or like:

4 jobs I've had:

Golf ball collector: Ok so this wasn't actually a job but when I was a kid I'd go and pick up golf balls from the rough ground and sell them back to the pro shop. 50p a pop - it was good money.

Management Consultant: the first job I had out of university was at a strategy consultancy that sprang up on the wave of the first dot com boom - building digital businesses was our thing - I got a stack of share options that were supposed to make me a millionaire. That didn't happen.

Freelance writer: After wearing a suit for a couple of years I realised I couldn't do that anymore and tried to earn a crust doing something I love - writing. So I interned at a few places and ended up writing words for Maxim magazine for actual money, which was really exciting. It was a very small amount of money. I try to keep my hand in.

Media Planner: I was ushered into the world of communications via media planning 101. I learnt about coverage and frequency. I don't really use that part much anymore, but the foundation was crucial.

4 TV shows I would personally digitally video record, if I had such things. Or, shows I download dot com:

Boston Legal: my favourite of the moment. I love Spader and Shatner. I also love that David Kelly, he of LA LAW, waited a decade or two and then put another idea into development - so it's like LA Law - but - it's in BOSTON. With Capt. Kirk and the guy from Sex Lies and Videotape. Trust me. And he was spot on.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The most genuinely surreal show I've ever seen. A band of superhero investigators, made up of a a milkshake, some fries and a wad of meat [called Meatwad], investigate nothing and - well, just go and watch it. They aren't teens and there's no water.

Scrubs: Because it knows exactly how to wring drops of melodramatic emotion out of my cynical heart. Make 'em laugh and then twist.

South Park/Simpsons/Family Guy/: you get the idea.

4 places I've been:

Tuscany: My mate has a place out there - it's just staggeringly beautiful.

Sydney: I worked out there for a while - in fact it's where TIGS was born, 2 years ago this month.

South Africa: Lovely amazing place, with giraffes and fantastic people and that - leaves a slightly weird taste in the mouth when you drive past the townships though.

Boston: I wanted to check out MIT ever since seeing Real Genius with Val Kilmer in the 80s.  It was awesome. So was MIT. Boston was very pretty.

4 music artists I'm listening to right now:

I love jungle. Broken beats are what I have inside my head. Pendulum are an Oz outfit that pulled together some tunes that sound like classic Ram Records from the mid to late 90s, which is how I like it.

Mark Ronson: Here comes the fuzz is just brilliant.

Yelle: crazy French electropopstress I saw play last week

Fratellis: Cheery guitarness

Tag you are it.