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Who wants an intern?

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Recently, a few bright, lovely people have been asking about working in agencies, or asking me to talk about how opportunities might develop in the future, what the right skills are and will be.

I need to think about the latter, but I thought I'd see if I could help with the former here.

Mostly they seem to be plannery types [know your audience] - looking to reintegrate their bicameral brains in business.

Now I have some standard advice about some of the things plannery types should highlight from their experience [plannery things] and some of the things to do - research a bunch of agenices, see which ones look fun to you, send the right person a nice email. Be polite and charming and that. Read lots of stuff.

It's also worth hanging out on the Ning - there's over 800 plannery types on there now, from all over the place - and Plannersphere Facebook group.

But since I'm pretty new to NYC I'm not sure what the score is here, so I thought I'd ask, on behalf of, well, people who want to know - anyone looking for any interns in NYC? Now? For the summer?

Or anywhere I guess.

Happy for people to put stuff in comments, or head over and leave stuff on the Ning.