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Gorilla and the Chocolate Factory


The sequel to Cadbury's Gorilla spot launched today. Trucks is another slice of surreal madness, with a truly awesome soundtrack choice, that's delightful [although it could use a better denouement] and will trigger innumerable arguments as to whether it's as good as the original.

[Sidebar - can a sequel ever be better than the original? Most film geeks would say no, with a couple of contentious exceptions, but in the context of FallonJuan's advertisements the originals set up the conceit, establish a new new thing, so can the follow up ever be as impactful? If this came before Gorilla, would it have been as discussed and popular? Is there anyway to parse this without reference to that which came before?]

The film launches alongside the launch of Glass and a Half Full Productions website and it's just grand.

The lovely people at digital shop HyperHappen have incorporated a bunch of features that capitalise on many of things TIGS is obsessed with.

The interface is an intuitive 3D chocolate factory that hosts the Gorilla; the studio it was filmed in; some of the top Gorilla remixes; a teaser of a build-your-own truck application; an ARG-lite that opens up a password protected vault that holds downloadable clips of Trucks for easy recombinance; and a few films that show the provence of Dairy Milk and its fairly traded supply chain.

Go have a look around.