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I Believe I Can Fly

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Comic book superheroes may owe their origins to New York, despite Superman being invented in Ohio, since pretty much all modern comic superhero started out based in New York [or poorly disguised versions thereof, like Gotham City].

But, as photographer Jan Von Holleben captures so beautifully in his series Dreams of Flying, all children think they are superheroes [which one were you?]

[If they're boys. Girls often default to princesses or fairies. Not that they aren't super.]

This really simple photographic device expresses the artifice and the naivete of children playing and that.

I imagine it will get turned into an ad soon enough.

Up, up and away!

[Via the excellent Lost in E Minor]

[UPDATE: guscasas in the comments points out that an agency has already turned them into ads - by putting a tagline and logo at the bottom.]