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Pengrin: Non Linear Narrative


The ever experimental dudes at publisher Penguin UK have something new brewing.

Ever since the emergence of the idea of hypertext, literature geeks [like myself] have been thinking about how non-linear narratives might be constructed.

You don't need clickable links to be hypertextual - Nabokov's staggeringly brilliant Pale Fire is a non-linear novel of sorts, where the exegetical footnotes to the preliminary poem are themselves the [meta]narrative.

But if you believe, as I do, that the generation that has grown up naturally creating their own hypertextual narratives as they click their way through the web, that transmedia narratives that leverage the true media behaviours of this generation are coming to the fore, and that people should read more in general because reading is for awesome people, then the time is ripe for another pop at hypertextual literature.

Jeremy has put a teaser post up on the Penguin blog, which suggests they might be up to just that, and with Dan Hon / Sixtostart, masters of the ARG, involved the results are bound to be interesting.

Go sign up here and see what's through the looking glass.