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So this WCRS ad for cycle safety, in which the narrator asks you to count how many passes the white team makes, thus diverting your attention, which makes you miss the moonwalking bear, is a powerful idea, but unfortunately it's a copyrighted one.

The original from 1999 is practically identical, and the originator was apparently not consulted.

I'm not going to get into the originality argument right now.

But if you are 'inspired' by something you have seen online, you really have to assume that someone else out there is going to have seen it. 

Today's corporations are naked in the eyes of consumers because it only takes one person to know something for everyone to know something in the networked world.

By the same token, thinking that no one will catch you ripping off an idea that exists elsewhere in the same exact form belies a staggering lack of understanding about how the digital world works, regardless of how many social sharing options you put on the website.

No one is smarter than everyone.