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PVR Pressure or Do Brands Need to Create Content Anymore?


My mate Nancy is involved with an ecard start up called someecards:

for when you care enough to hit send.

They have a panoply of wonderfully offensive electronic missive material for your delectation.

I chose this one because it references an interesting media behaviour that I keep noticing.

There's too much media. Too much content constantly crying out for attention. So we develop tools to manage the flow, allowing us to timeshift and placesshift how we consume content. But there are only so many hours in the day. 

Content keeps building up, in the PVR, the RSS reader, the inboxes, the media streams.

And if you leave the stream for a couple days, there's this huge backlog of content that needs to be cleared.

I've got to go home tonight - I've got loads of stuff on Sky Plus I need to get through.

PVR pressure. Email overload. RSS distress. 

I just delete everything in my inbox / feedreader.

Too much of a good thing and it becomes a chore. The signal to noise ratio gets confused, because, when there is too much signal, it becomes noise.

Which leads me to wonder. About brands and that.

Brands have grown up using content to communicate.

But do we really need more content? Or are we tense enough as it is?

Perhaps there are other things brands could do, rather than adding to the ever-expanding infinity, to be entertaining or useful. To earn some attention.

Someone has to help alleviate all this tension.

Could the future of brands be in collation, curation, aggregation, dissemination, navigation, catalysation (insert other words that end in -ation of your choice here) - rather than traditional creation?

[UPDATE: Mr. Sorrell doesn't agree.]