Marketing People Pay For

Behance and the Action Book


A couple of days back I met up with the lovely people behind Behance.

Behance are designing products and services that "empower the creative world to make ideas happen" because of the observation that most ideas vanish, stillborn, into the ether.

This creative waste is a shame for everyone, so Behance want to help ideas get actualised.

One of the tools they use is what they call the action method - an insistence that every creative session leads to action items - and to help bring them to life they created action books - notebooks that are designed to craft notes into actions - as shown above.

You can buy the well made note books and other action items via a website - but the point of them is not to make money, but to market Behance, it's creative networks and consultancy services by spreading the philosophy behind it in a useful way.

Marketing that people pay for.