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So iPhone 2.0 is whizz-bang fancy and half the price of iPhone 1.0.


According to analysts:

Analyst Ken Dulaney of Gartner told us that Apple was clearly going after the cellphone industry's top dogs. "With these announcements today, [Apple is] making a statement they want to overtake Nokia," he said.

He's half right.

As my very smart brother points out - it's because Apple needs to grab market share before Android devices hit:

I'm pretty certain the timing of its release, and the farce that has surrounded it (i.e. leaving mobile shops around the world without stock for many weeks) is in some way related to the threat posed to Apple's dominance by Google's Android mobile platform. As the aware of you might know, this is due for release later this year.

He goes on to explain why it's such a threat - up to now Apple's hardware / software expertise has enabled Steve & Co. to create a device that stands head and shoulders above anything else on the market. Very few companies have deep expertise in hardware and software - technology manufacturers always fall down on the software solution, and software companies find it hard to make kit that anyone actually wants.

But that changes when Google, who are very good at software, comes out with an open source platform for devices manufacturers:

Because a large number of handset manufacturers will be producing handsets using the Google Android OS - it's just a matter of time before they figure out how to get the software/hardware combo right.

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Apple's proprietary strategy leaves it open to coopition: Google is betting on an open future.

The more people online, on whatever device, the more money Google will make.